Loft conversions

Loft is another way to create an additional space and add value to your property. One of the major advantages form extension is a simple fact that you don't have to sacrifice your garden. The space for this project is not usually used for any other propose then keeping old, long forgotten staff. This whole space can be converted in one or even two additional bedrooms with a suit. Of cause it's all depends on a size of the existing loft, but usually there is enough space for at least one decent size bedroom. Converting a loft into bedroom can be a bit tricky. You have to figure out all aspects of the project from fitting new staircase to adjustment of water pressure for new shower. All of this takes careful planning and good design to get it right and create a fully functioning place for living. Please, remember that your loft conversion must meet building regulations at a minimum and may in some circumstances require a planning permission.

We would be happy to give you an advice and ideas on how to make your loft work for you by sharing our knowledge and experience gained over the years of converting lofts into living space. We can work with you from the very early stage of your project to help you to create a fully bespoke loft conversion by providing you with design, architectural services and exceptional craftsmanship.

Thinking about Loft conversion? Start from design.
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