Elco Design & Build is well established design and build company. Over the years of experience in the industry we've learned that success of every project is largely depends on a good design which reflects a character of the building, skilled craftsman capable to complete every given task with the great precision, quality of materials used and project management which reassures that in every stage of construction process each and every task is completed accordingly to plans and specification supplied by Architect and Designers.

Our craftsmen are capable to deliver high quality work whatever the complexity of the task is. Every project is overseen and managed by our experienced project manager who insures that all stages of construction and finishing process are up to the highest standard and whole project is seamless and not unduly delayed. Elco Design & Build team comes from different cultural, educational and geographical backgrounds, but one thing we all have in common. It's a drive and passion to deliver aesthetic and inspiring spaces that bring joy in to people's lives.

Nothing happens
unless first a
Carl Sandburg

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